Welcome to the website for Curt Larson, a new author breaking into the market with adventure stories that address the wanderlust in all of us. Drawing on his interest in flying, fast cars and sailing, he weaves stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

This site contains background information on Curt, a selection of short stories available for your reading pleasure, a few motorsports articles he’s published and information about his upcoming novels.

Content will be added from time to time, particularly with short stories. The short stories are free for you to read. Enjoy them and tell your friends where to find them.

Thanks for visiting and may your life be a wonderful adventure!


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Willis Sutherland says:

    Mr. Larson…As a Proud Member of Tampa bay Soaring Society…and a Rusty Private Pilot, current LSA Pilot, and current aero-tow Sailplane and Motorized (self-launch) Sailplane pilot in training…I purchased your book. I am very much looking forward to reading White River before and after Viewing the Stars this month…

    Please let me know if you write another book along the same vein..

    Willis Sutherland

    • curtlarson says:

      Willis, I have started the sequel. Which I plan to resume once the marketing of White River takes off, no pun intended. The amount of work to market a novel seems to exceed the amount of work to actually write the novel. I hope you enjoy the story!

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